DSC Tests available include

  • Oxidation Induction Time (OIT) for polyolefins
  • Specific Heat or Heat Capacity (Cp)
  • Glass Transition Temperature
  • Diesel Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT)
  • Polymorphism Investigations
  • Drug Excipients Compatibility Testing
  • Chocolate / Cocoa Butter Form Analysis
  • Purity of Fine Chemicals
  • Thermal Stability / Self Heating
  • PVC Gellation
  • Curing Kinetic Evaluation (Isothermal And Dynamic testing)
  • Prepreg Shelf Life Assessment / “Re-lifing”
  • Crystalinity of Semicrystaline Materials (PE, PP, PA etc.)
  • Isothermal Crystallisation
  • Melting Point / Freezing Points
  • Quartz Content in Minerals

……. and many more tests – contact us to discuss your requirements.

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TGA Tests available include

  • Loss On Ignition (LOI)
  • Loss on Drying (LOD)
  • Compositional Analysis
  • Lifetime Predictions At Elevated Temperatures Using TGA Kinetics
  • Effect of Flame Retardants / Effect of Additives
  • Proximate Analysis / Compositional Analysis
  • Residual Volatiles/Residual Monomer

TMA Analysis

  • Expansion Coefficient (CTE)
  • Glass transition measurement
  • Film Thickness
  • Softening Point / Melting Point

……. and many more tests – contact us to discuss your requirements

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DMA ISO Methods

  • Glass transition measurement
  • Storage modulus
  • Loss modulus
  • Tan Delta / phase angle
  • Damping
  • Frequency Scan
  • Master Curves / Temperature Time Superposition
  • Material evaluations

……. and many more tests – contact us to discuss your requirements

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Thermal Analysis Consulting - Types of Testing Available

We provide a sample testing service in thermal analysis using Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA or DMTA) and Thermomechanical analysis (TMA) using current DIN, ASTM or ISO standard test methods

Materials forms may be solid, liquid, film, fibre, powder, particle, sheet, injection moulding piece, moulding.

Material Safety Data Sheets  are required before any samples are sent for analysis.

Telephone: 01538 398140

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